Customer Success Story


Company headquarters: Madrid - Spain Company type: Mobile operator

MÁSMÓVIL is Spain’s fourth-largest telecom operator, boasting over 16 million customere across the country. The Group’s fixed network covers up to 18 million homes with ADSL and over 26,8 million with fibre-optics in- ternet, while its 4G mobile network covers 98,5% of Spain’s population.


A mobile operator with a green conscience, the partnership between MÁSMÓVIL and Phoneca- ses3D made perfect sense from the start.

Our agreement involved setting up and intranet-ba- sed solution to give every single members of MÁS- MÓVIL internal staff the opportunity to log on and get a certified Compostable phone case free of charge.

The project is a success and many of the emplo- yees have taken advantage of the offer, providing the company with an awareness-raising opportuni- ty and further enhancing their sustainable image.

"We loved working with Phonecases3D be- cause it has given us the chance to show our commitment to sustainability and the quality of the product is second-to-none"

- Marcela Dominguez Blanco,
International Communication & Employee Experience at mas Movil